Thursday, 13 February 2014

I Am From - My Version

Here is a poem I wrote a few months ago. I finsihed it and it just was left unnoticed for a while. I was never sure on whether I should post it but I decided that I will, so here it is. I hope you like it..

I am from a land
    a land filled with beauty but no one to take care of it
I am from a land
    misunderstood, dull and blind

I am from a land
   of outgoing, loud people
I am from a land
   of the rich and the poor

I am from a villa in the south
   a place to call home
Parents who work, parents who love
   a brother behind a wall, soundproof

I am from broken bikes and swinging swings
   from London, from Paris, from flights, from trains
I am a traveller
   intrigued by the world

I am from a condo in the east
   8 pools for my enjoyment
Friends to laugh with, enemies to fight with
   gossip, rumours, laughter and tears

I am from a worn out school
 unit tests and assessments
I am from awkward silences
 from teachers that yell, from teachers that scare

I am from a shut mouth
 afraid to speak up, say how I feel
I am from the empty seat in the back
 someone to fill up the seat

I am from big dreams, a big heart
 but scared to pursue, scared to love
I am the interior designer, the writer, the federal agent
 dreams of mine, yet to be fulfilled

I am from the strokes by my brush
 the canvas, the water, the colour
I am from an art class in the corner
the girl splattered with paint

I am from a posh life by the Reservoir
 a small house, a small space
I am from a stocked wardrobe
 filled with clothes but nothing to wear

My life is being forged
 manufactured behind doors I cannot reach
There’s time lost, there’s time left ahead
 its my turn to show the world
 the magic behind my personality

I am from a life in the making.

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