Thursday, 24 April 2014

Themes : My Perspective

Everyone reads books, watches movies or TV shows and listens to music. Whether it be just one, or all of them and everyone of us can say that we love doing these activities but why? All these activities have something important that they share with each other. They are all about the same thing.

Every book, movie, tv show or song is based around a theme. A theme could be anything like love, hope, death, family, relationships, etc. These themes make it appealing to the audience because it is something you can relate to. For example, when you are listening to a Taylor Swift song about her relationship or watching FRIENDS, they incorporate stories and themes that you, as a viewer can relate too.

These themes are basically our essence, It integrates different portions of our life, adds a little bit of an exaggeration and publishes it to the world. To me, I feel like there are a certain amount of themes that everyone in the world can relate to, something like death, family, love, loss, relationships and happiness. These "universal themes" can make any form of entertainment amusing or deeply spiritual because it means something to you.

Speaking in terms of a neuroscientist, when you're brain hears or watches something pleasurable, it releases a chemical called dopamine which spreads across your brain and makes you feel happy and/or excited.

These themes are what connects us as humans, it proves that everyone in the world are very similar because everyone goes through the same kind of experiences. They prove to us that everyone understands what you're going through and you're not alone. This is why authors, directors, screenwriters and musicians keep coming back to the same theme. Because people can relate.

Think all the way back to when Shakespeare wrote and compare it to authors like John Green or JK Rowling. They all wrote about similar themes and their stories are very much different but the inner meaning of the message they tried to get to the readers were pretty much the same.

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